I am currently completing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Purdue in the small, but suprisingly interesting, town of West Lafayette, and sing in the Saint John’s Episcopal Church choir. I live with my wife Heather; this is us on our big day:

My background is in computer science, psychology, and buddhist philosophy. When it comes to anything controversial, I believe it is important to look for the evidence, and eschew wells of self-deception such as politics and personal indignation. As such, I am scientifically minded first and foremost, since science really does have something special:

“… all spheres of discourse are not on the same footing, for the simple reason that not all spheres of discourse seek the same footing (or any footing whatsoever).” — Sam Harris

Academically, I hope to do original research in the field of Cognitive Science, and in particular how knowledge is represented, and meaning is grounded. It should be no surprise that such questions attract interest from a wide array of disciplines, since it touches on the deepest questions of who we are, and what we are part of. Surely our academic descendents will be struggling with this for centuries to come.

Nonetheless, I do hold out hope that some of our perennial problems will find solutions in a scientific understanding of the perennial philosophy.


It does not matter what we are
A soul, a spirit, or the ash of stars
We conceive of light and spurn the dark
And trapped in pain perceive a spark
That purpose gives 'ere we depart
To know the self and free the heart
-- Aaron Michaux